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Build, Showcase & Validate your skills in talent competitions

Unleash your potential in talent competitions and build your Slamitt profile to gain access to rewards and opportunities.

Select and participate from a wide range of competitions of your choice!

Explore And Compete

Discover competitions across various categories that match your interests, curated by popular and reputable college societies. With Slamitt, find the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and stand out from the competition.

Customise, manage & track your competitions in real-time

Centralised Dashboard

Access a single dashboard for every competition you participate in. Keep track of your scores, make submissions, and access the leaderboard with ease. With Slamitt, stay organized and focused on winning.

Get recognised for your talent & unlock a world of job opportunities

Collect Endorsements and Feedback

Collect endorsements and detailed feedback from industry experts to help validate your skills and build your profile. With Slamitt, leverage your competition experience to gain valuable insights and make meaningful connections.

Earn Slam Coins and up-skill your game at the reward store!

Gain Access to Rewards

Participate in competitions and earn Slam Coins that can be exchanged for incredible rewards and opportunities. With Slamitt, take your competition experience to the next level and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

Organise your next competition on Slamitt

Are you a college society planning your next event? Avoid the hassles that come with managing multiple competitions. Be it registrations, scoring or tracking submission, Slamitt can help you automate all the clerical workload, eliminate blunders allowing you the focus you need to create meaning & rich experiences for your contestants & judges.

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Slamitt for Organisers

Onboard Contestants

Set up custom registrations to invite contestants to onboard the competition and preview their dashboard. This will enable them to receive real-time updates and allow their profile to be built.

Create Rounds

Set up multiple rounds of various types and add custom criteria for judging or explore our library of skills to facilitate enriched contestant profiles.

Request & Manage Submissions

Empower your contestants by setting up submissions through clear guidelines and easy resource file uploads. Elevate each competition round by allowing submissions to be made by contestants.

Report Success

Effortlessly report success by collating all your competition data with Slamitt. Our powerful platform allows you to collect & analyse verified skill data, judge feedback, & endorsements for each contestant across multiple rounds. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing data manually & enjoy real-time, data-rich profiles for every contestant in your competition.

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What People Are Saying

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive platform for managing competitions and helping students showcase their skills. But don't just take our word for it - hear from some of our satisfied customers.

"As someone who has used Slamitt, what truly captivated me was the ability to convert emotions into quantifiable marks. Unlike the traditional pen-&-paper method, which makes it challenging to compare scores of multiple participants, Slamitt allowed me to easily evaluate and grade performances based on my genuine reactions, such as 'nice,' 'good,' or 'wow.' It's a unique feature that I haven't come across before, and it truly sets Slamitt apart".

Shilpa Srinivas
Judge at Crescensia - MLac 2014

What initially impressed me about Slamitt was its user-friendly interface. It made scoring absolutely hassle-free and significantly simplified my job. Slamitt completely changed the game. I didn't have to worry about ticking boxes or writing anything down. The platform's feedback section and emoji slider allowed me to express my genuine emotions and opinions with ease, which is not something you come across often!

Siddartha Sharma
Judge at Thomso - IIT Roorkee

The interface of Slamitt was incredibly smooth, making it easy for me to plan and manage all the events with pre-fed judging criteria. The best part is the automation feature, which eliminates the need for manual data maintenance in Excel or any other tool. It has significantly reduced my workload,  streamlined the process and made my job much more efficient. Once all the teams were done, Slamitt automatically collated the data, allowing me to instantly declare the results.

Adithya Anand
Organizer at Eximius - IIMB

As a first-time user of an online judging platform, I was initially apprehensive. However, as I started scoring on Slamitt, it didn't feel like I was using it for the first time at all. The platform was intuitive and user-friendly, making the process simple and effective. One of the great features was the ability to provide digital feedback to performers, which they could easily store to compare their developments and improvise. Simple, effective, non-complicated. That's what I liked about it!

Vyjayanthi Kashi
Judge Ekattva - RRMCH

At large-scale events like this, managing papers & manual totalling can be challenging and obviously leaves room for human errors. That's why I was so glad to be introduced to Slamitt, which takes care of everything from registrations to adding rounds & even eliminations. As an event organiser, it gives me confidence in providing my entire team, along with the judges & participants, with a seamless & memorable experience. It's a comprehensive tool that streamlines the entire process making it a valuable asset for any event organiser

Bharavi Prakash
Organizer at Ekattva - RRMCH
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